Bug Report 3.20.0 - Faders go to zero when opening Virtual fader window

Upgraded to 3.20.0 yesterday.

I have RH4 2 x DP8000 and Hog PC running.

Set a fader to full on RH4.

Call a virtual fader window view on Hog PC 

All faders go to zero on RH4 and Hog PC

Tried with just Hog PC and DP8000 no RH4. Same result. Soon as you open a Virtual wing window all faders go to zero.

Tried with Full Hog 4 panel open and on screen in Hog PC. Open virtual fader window and all faders to zero.

  • very short video showing the issue

  • I am hitting the same issues in HogPC with no hardware connected. 

    I have Fader Bank 8 with all my Inhibitive masters, and its set to "default state up".

    I open the virtual fader bank, they are all at zero, I move them all up. close the window. re-open and they all shoot back to zero again.

  • Hello,

    I am seeing your issue. I will get this logged and brought to the attention of the team.

    Thank you