current cue not updateing after merge.

So this bug has been present for more than a year now. I noticed it in 3.19.0. I honestly was too lazy to report it. Since it seems to be common also among my collegues, i had thought it would have been reported by now.

I've seen this bug multiple times one different consoles with different software versions.

The problem is updateing or merging in new values via either the update button or the merge button, in an active cue with output on stage. After merging or updating and pressing clear, the new information is not output on stage. So pressing clear makes the stage output jump back as though the new information was not recorded at all. To view the updates, the current cue has to be reloaded again before the changes become visible.

The problem with this bug however, is that i have been unable to force it. It just sometimes happens and cannot reproduce it. It happened on several shows with different consoles, different patches. Every show i have programmed on different consoles have shown this bug several times during a day of programming. I do not use a template show for this. Clean start every time.

Unfortunately this may not be much to go on to begin tracking this bug. But i thought at least to report it.

I realize that, reading this, most of you will think operator error. I can assure you it is not. Each time i encounter this bug, i am suprised that after pressing clear, the cue changes back to its old state. I normally think at that moment i made a typing error and do the same changes again, press clear again, and the cue reverts back again to the old state. Then i realize its the bug and reload the cue, and presto!, the changes take hold.

So has this bug been reported yet? Has anyone been able to reliably reproduce it? It is really annoying when making adjustments especially during a live situation when you are trying to make a subtle change, only to have it pop out to everybody in the venue when you press clear because the changes didnt take hold.

  • I can say that I too have experienced this but could never replicate it consistently. It happens merging pallets, cues, scenes… etc. I find my work around, when that happens, is to select the fixtures and either touch or suck (depending on your need) their info. Then update/merge with specific kinds and that seems to work.

  • I think this behaviour has been around as long as I remember. Sometimes more and sometimes less. I also think that it happens more if I bring parameters to programmer one group/fixture after another, for exsample first cmy to Beye then position&beam to Ghibli. Sometimes some of parameters will be recorded/merged and some don't. If all values are not merged go back + go (or assert) may help but if not undo and select all previous fixtures/groups +suck +merge. Almost everytime this will work. For live situation I normally keep fade changes on so lights are not popping on/off. I also think that it maybe get worse when programming long day but I'm not sure about this.