Full Boar 4 Touchscreen not responding

I would love it if somebody could provide me with a checklist or workflow to diagnose this problem. Software and hardware please.

much thanks in advance

  • Things to test:

    • Perform a Test Touchscreen test to see what exactly isn't working, whether it is an entire display or sections of a display
    • Open the console and ensure the Display Port cables are properly seated in the displays, and on the video card, and make sure that any other harnesses are also properly seated; ensure that cables/connections are not bent, corroded, ripped or frayed
      • The video card connections are in an important order; top slot goes to the Operator's right display, the next slot down goes to the Operator's left display, the next one down goes to the top rear external display port (which should have an active adapter, and is typically labeled as such) and the bottom slot goes to the bottom external display port (and should have a passive adapter, but typically there is not indication of this) 
    • Also inside the console, ensure the video card is properly seated on the motherboard
    • Inside the console, you can also remove the memory cards, ensure the contacts are clean, then properly reinsert the memory cards
    • Perform a Test Touchscreen test to see if anything has changed
    • Perform a full installation of the software
    • Perform a Test Touchscreen test to see if anything has changed

    If the issue is still not resolved, you may need to replace your display. Depending on what display your console has affects whether the console needs to come in for the new displays to be installed, or if the displays may be replaced in the field.

    For further info on replacing Full Boar 4 displays, check out the article below.


  • Very much obliged.

    The problem was with the grounding cable on the touchscreen bimba. The pole had worked loose from the connector. I can’t imagine how that could have happened on its own.

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