hog 4 midi knobs!

Hey i am using hog4 pc as a server on stages,  i like to use vnc server on my server laptop so i can connect to the server remotely and flash through sets and what not.  of course the downfall of this is the way hog4 pc handles encoders you have to pull up the virtual panel and click and drag on the encoder wheels. not the most optimized method for this,  i think etc consoles have a better method with the ML controls window.

but anyway i was thinking if i could get a small midi device with knobs only and map each of the encoder wheels to the knobs i can have a little better control of panning and tilting fixtures on a laptop.

but when i use a knob in one direction i will get as follows:

(dev #1) Received Midi Controller 70 with value of 1 for Channel 1

and in the other direction:

(dev #1) Received Midi Controller 70 with value of 127 for Channel 1

so i can successfully map a midi knob to the encoder but it only works when the value is 127.   so i can go up on an encoder but not down.

anybody have any insight?

Thank you!