4.1.0 Show migrate from v3 - Zooms no longer using full DMX range on multiple fixtures

RH4 + DP8000 (SACN)

4.1.0 > show exported from V3

Moving a show from V3 to V4.

Playing back cues showed that the Mac Auras were not behaving correctly when PixelMapped (flashing into strange colours), so I changed type to Aura XB and they are now fine.... however...

.... My Vipers, Quantum Wash, Ultras, Robospots are all only mapping 0>100% Zoom to a tiny portion of the DMX range.

(I added an extra Ultra to the show, and that behaves properly!!!! compare fixture 113 to 102)

None of them are custom personalities, none have strange limits in edit fixtures.

Any ideas on how to fix this? as its making it unworkable.

I will upload the V4 file, and the V3 files, and the database... so you can see what went wrong