Issue: Importing Backup with Comment Macros dangerous

If you do a backup of a show which has Comment Macros in some Cues on one Hog Console and you want to import this show on another Console you must set the ID of the second console to the same value as the first has.

If you do not do that the Comment Macros will not work anymore on the second Console because the import mechanism does alter all the Macros and appends a "h" to all. The number is the ID of the first Console.

I do not see the sense behind this except you want to control the first Console with the second one connected via network.
  • When working with networked consoles it makes a lot of sense that you have this option, if you dont have you would execute comment macros on all consoles.
    When working with just one console the h wont be displayed.

    And it is not the number of the first console it is the net-number you enter in the start-window-settings.

    This is for me a total correct behaviour, as you made those macros on a special console, the layout of the other console might be totally differnt. If you want a 1:1 backup just put both consoles to the same net-number.