A running list of requests

Apologies if these have been suggested before..

1. Output Window Filtering - Hide Unpatched Fixtures as well the ability to hide specific Lists or universes, etc.

2. Programming Worlds (just like in that other desk)

3. Pageable Command Keys - Command Keys that are associated with Page changes. Don't like that idea? Use a template page.

4. RGB Encoder Values as an alternate to CMY Encoder Values.

5. Segment/Buddy Recall in Group selections or Segment/Buddy Preset slots in pop up.

6. Wouldn't it be great if a selection of objects (pages/scenes/groups/etc) would automatically number themselves consecutively if set with a name and suffixed number. e.g. Group 1 > 8 selected. SET. "Truss 1". ENTER. Groups labelled Truss 1 through Truss 8.

7. Unpatch All Conflicts option in patching conflict pop up.

8. ArtNet If Alone (again, like in that other desk)

9. Spreadsheet View for List/Scene timings and options. Release Time, Assert Time, Back Time, HTP, Release On Next Go, BPM, etc, etc.

10. I really really really need to view encoder values of 16bit parameters in something better than 1%>100%. Hex, decimal points of %, anything!

My wish list still includes the following.

Group Next/Back

Selecting multiple groups and then being able to move between these groups as a selection which Next/Back using a Key Combo such as Group+Next. (I know this is already been located to Segment/Buddy).

Taking this a step further....being able to Fan across groups of fixtures using an extra Fan Option (By Group). This would facilitate doing a Fan across groups with different numbers of fixtures.

For example....

Group 1 Back Truss has 7 fixtures

Group 2 Mid Truss has 8 fixtures

Group 3 Front Truss has 10 fixtures

applying a Pan+Fan to the "Fan by Group" selection results in all the fixtures fanning from the centre despite different numbers of fixtures.

This would also open up outrageous possibilities in conjunction with Segments/Buddy.

Thank you for your time