Splitting Faders for Multiple Objects

Couldn't find a request like this on the forum, but I'm sure it's been mentioned.

I'd love the ability to split up fader buttons to have multiple objects on them. I rarely need so many buttons for a list, and if I happen to use a fader a a group master...well there's 3 useless buttons taken up. Some other consoles have a sort of width/height parameter for fader areas. Like one list can take up a flash button and fader, and then you can assign another list to the back button above, another to the pause, another to the go, etc etc. Or even the ability to widen one list to cover 2 faders. One fader is Intensity, the next is FX rate or whatever.

Might be nice to set say the row of back buttons to playback bar 1, pause to playback bar 2, go to 3.

It just seems crazy to have 40 buttons and 10 faders and only have the ability to control 10 objects.

One work around I came up with was to make a cuelist with 4 cues, one for each button, and use comment macros to fire go command for other lists/objects. I set each button as a GoTo button with targets for each cue. This is far from ideal because then the fader is kind of useless. Of course I could use these as master intensity faders with a group at full in each cue, but again that's not ideal. I like to have Intensity stacks with a bunch of Int FX and use the fader to control the size of them.
  • On top of this, having another option in the playback options to choose what Pig+Key does instead of defaulting to release.

    For example, combining all of the above. I could have a list that takes up a flash button, the fader above it, and the "back" button above it. The flash acts as a flash, the fader acts as a fader, and the back button acts as a Go button, but if I press Pig+back for that fader I could set it to jump to the top of the list.

    And then the Pause button above that could be a stack of color cues where the Pause button is a Go and Pig+Pause is back (or top, or whatever).

    And the Go button above that would be maybe a position stack. Same thing Go is Go and Pig+Go is back.