How to add/remove/replace a fixture in an existing CueList?

Hello to all!

Example 1: I want to create one CueList for one specific fixture and afterwards I want to copy this CueList and just replace the fixture ID by another of the same type but all parameters in the cues of the CueList should remain.

So, I am looking for a way to change the fixtures in a CueList after creation.

Example 2: I dont want to renumber the fixtures DMX adresses every time I am working in that venue but the lamps may be swapped in the truss and for that reason I just want to replace the fixture number the CuesLists that are working with it but the programming should remain.

How can I do that?
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  • Copying the fixture's data to the new fixture and then knocking out the old fixture would be the way to do this. There is no magical way for the cuelist to change from using fixtures 1 thru 10 to 11 thru 21.

    The only way would be if you were never going to use those fixtures ever again and they had been replaced by a different fixture type for your whole show and then you could change type. But that would remove the old fixture from your show entirely.

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