Midi controller options for Hog 4 pc

I am currently trying to find a cheaper alternative to a Hoglet 4 for Hog 4 pc. I already have widgets to unlock Hog but I am looking for a midi controller to map to the programming section of the desk. Any recommendations on which controller I should get? (ps. I would like to get one that has encoder wheels so that I can map them to the encoder wings on the HOG). Any help is appreciated.
  • Hello,

    I like the APC40MKII, the knobs work as encoders and it has buttons you can assign to the programming section using the MIDI Map Editor (Section 21.2.1 of the 3.15.0 Manual)

    When looking for a midi device remember if the MIDI device does not repeat controller values of 0 and 127 then relative mode will not work properly. Also if the MIDI device does not output a full range of control values (0 thru 127) then relative mode will not work properly. Relative mode is necessary for encoder control.
  • What about this:
    Enttec had also wings... But you only will get them used
  • Sorry to hijack this thread but i just purchased a midi controller that does not repeat controller values of 0 to 127. I am speaking with the company and they are willing to tweak the firmware for me. I was just looking for some more info for them.

    How exactly should I ask them to program it? I'm assuming after the controller reaches 127 it resets to 0 and continues? How many times should this repeat? My encoder isn't endless will this prove a problem?

    Also wondering if 14 bit would work having much more values to work with?

    Any insight on this would be extremely helpful.

  • You will get the best user experience by having an encoder that normally sends 0-127 in 8 bits. If the encoder is "endless" - i.e. there is no physical stop when rotating left or right then I'd recommend repeating 0 when it hits 0 as opposed to going around the horn back up to 127. Same thing when rotating right: have it repeat 127 as you continue to rotate to the right.