Hog 4 PC Timecode

Hey first - i'm completely new in the Timecode World
I have a Nano Hog 4 and would like to try out some Timecode. I know the Timecode Simulation function but i wanna try to program a Show running on an incoming Track.

I already learned that i need an external Midi Device like f.a. Midisport 2x2? Is the connection via usb enough or does it also needs the midi connection? (Running on the same PC or do i need a second PC for the Track an sending Timecode?

It would be nice if someone could explain to me the easiest way to get timecode into my console (onPC) and how i have to connect it. 

  • REAPER to Hog4 PC MIDI timecode

    I would recommend following this article, it outlines how to make a virtual midi interface.

    The hog side is a little out of date, some functions have moved, so you can reference this updated manual for that stuff.

    Midi in the manual: