lib. futurelight eye 19 HCL zoom 19ch.

sorry friends, but i must also try to get help from you in this thread !

- get lightplot from a theater, where i support a show since yesterday
- futurelight eye 19 HCL zoom 19ch. is one of there main further comment...
- 2 weeks ago, i sent dmx charts to hog lib. request with zero date yesterday, but get no support...not easy in this time, much work, less people...i understand, but...i try to support my customer professionally and therefor, i need sometimes support  ;)
- i tried it this night by myself using fixture builder, tried to copy from a normal eye 19 zoom basic and edit it...but...always message after build fixture..."action failed" - no idea why.... keep it there anybody on this planet, who can send me a correct lib. of this fixture, slowly, i loose my nerves