Would you please implement a Play speed for PixelMap Layer in Batch.

Would really love to see this. It would effectively let us control the rate of the PLAY SPEED for a pixelMap Layer for several cues from a single fader as a batch.  

  • For what it's worth, I suppose you could fake this by having play speed in it's own cue/set of cues and then IPCB crossfading it in or out. Batches can be IPCB-faded as well. I use this trick to control strobe rate as well as on/off by just fading strobe rate with IPCB fader. At 0% there is no strobe and anywhere above it I get a manually controlled rate.

    An example for your case:
    List of cues with just content/effects/color... settings but no value for play speed (!)

    Scene/list with just play speed at some ridiculous value, e.g. 400%

    Move the "content" list to a fader - keep everything standard so you can fade intensity and navigate through the list

    Move the "speed" scene/cue to another fader - set the fader to IPCB crossfader. Now, whatever the value on the speed fader is (anything between 0% and "ridiculous") is used when playing back from the "content" list. If the fader is at 0%, the speed will default to 100%.

    Slight caveat: pixelmap layers seem to stop/stutter when changing playback speed as content is being played. Do not expect crossfades to just happen. If you need something like this, try "manually compositing" some pixelmap effect  from several layers of static content and then making it dynamic using the effects engine to modify position, scale etc. and crossfade the effect parameters. That works like a charm.