Adding effect and delay times to effects in the effect engine

Hello in the manual it says you can hit effect time to change fade time for a specific effect. But if I change the fade or delay time in the engine and record an effect.  When I open that effect the fade and delay have gone back to there default 2 second fade and 0 delay.  Just trying tonsee if i am missing something. Hopefully that makes sense.  

Thanks for any help!

  • Did you explicitly mask in Time when you recorded the effect palette?  One of those silly little gotchas.

    It's also only affecting the way the effects play back in cues/scenes. Working in the programmer, it's going to start instantly.

    As an example: Simple Intensity sine effect. Begin 5% End 80% Start 50%. Fade 5s Delay 10s. Record as cue with fade time as 2s.

    On playback, cue fades up to 42% and holds for 10s, then over 5s the intensity ramps up to 80% and the effect continues at its rate, in this case a leisurely 9.9 bpm.

    Also, if you look in the cue contents, there are separate Effect Fade and Effect Delay cells that might be hidden depending on how your screen is setup.