Hedgehog screen arrangement

Can the relative position of an external screen on a HedgeHog be changed? the console always treats the external screen as if it is to the right of the internal screen when using a mouse or trackball.  I can't find a setting to tell the HedgeHog that the external screen is on the left if I want it on that side.  Not a big deal usually but coming up there will be a visiting LD who wants to hook up a playback wing, and I'm assuming he'll want it on the left. The wing works fine, I just can't change the screen arrangement.  The console is a HedgeHog 4N currently running 3.17.1.  

  • Hit [setup] then Control Panel. Under the "Displays" tab you'll see your external display(s). The Position: drop-down will allow you to set Left or Right for the side the screen is on. Hit Apply and you should be good to go. I typically run a touchscreen calibration whenever I change anything here to make sure everything maps happy.

    EDIT: Whoops, this is from September. Hopefully it all worked out.