Adding Universes to Road Hog 4

I have a Road Hog 4, and bought a Super Widget. I apparently was mistaken in thinking a super widget would get me 4 more universes of output. So, is there anyway to use what I have, the Super widget with my console,  to get those universes. Is there a way to make Hog 4 PC act like an additional server I can control from the desk? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Road Hog 4 has the capability to output 8 universes. Road Hog 4 has a super widget (4 port) built into it to output DMX. To get the other 4 ports out of the console in DMX you need another Super Widget (which you now have) so that you will have 8 physical ports to plug into.

    To map the additional 4 ports make sure your super widget is plugged in to the console then go into Processor settings, Select the Output Tab, press Add Mapping change the Universe to 5 thru 8 and press OK on the popup and then press Apply on the processor settings window.


    You can get all 8 universes out of the console via artnet or sACN but the only way to get access to DMX ports 5 thru 8 is the add the super widget.

    The Road Hog 4 will not output more than 8 universes. If you want to output more universes than 8 you need another processor.

  • It is possible to install Hog 4 PC on a computer, use the Super Widget on Hog four PC, and use the Road Hog to control that server/those outputs?

  • A Super WIdget does not add more universes to a console, it provides additional DMX ports to access the universes a console can already output.  As Gabbi said, a Road Hog 4 can output up to 8 universes, but only has 4 DMX ports on it; the Super Widget creates 4 more DMX ports to access the last 4 universes. An Art-Net or sACN node can also be used for this purpose. To add the widget ports, or Art-Net or sACN, on current software you would follow the steps Gabbi mentioned.

    Hog 4 PC has the ability to output up to 12 universes if you have the HES/Hog hardware to authorize the output. A Super Widget connected to a Hog 4 PC computer authorizes 4 universes of output via widget (DMX), Art-Net or sACN.

    You can network a Road Hog 4 and Hog 4 PC together via an ethernet cable connected to the console's HogNet port, and the computers ethernet port. Ensure the HogNet IP address and netmask are appropriate for being networked together.  You would then log into the show on one device the way you usually launch into a show, and then Connect to Show on the other device.

    Further information may be found in Chapter 3 of the manual (linked here)

  • So, if I run the Hog4Pc as a server, can I patch and control those universes from the Road Hog?