Light Converse - Light Converse not opening and Hog Connector not working.


We bought a Road Hog 4 a cupel of months ago and got LC with it, I have been using it fine on my iMac and Macbook Pro boot camped with windows 7 32bit. We have just built a dedicated LC machine and have been having problems getting LC and the Hog Connection Driver to work.

I put Windows 8.1 on the new machine, installed LC from CD and downloaded the Hog Driver. LC installed fine and so did the hog driver. I launch LC and it opens fine. The Hog Connector doesn't. I don't see any sign of it.

I then decided to try reformatting and putting on windows 7 64bit. Every thing installs, but LC doesn't open and the Hog Driver doesn't ether.

I then try Windows 7 32bit. The same happens. So it seams that LC doesn't want to open really and the Hog Driver doesn't want to ever open. Has any one got any thoughts?

The machine is

Intel i7 4790 3.6GHz
GTX 970 4GB