Light Converse - Could Not Find Virtual DP DLL

I have a Hog 4 Console running 3.8.0 (b1577).
On the Hog Start Screen:
I have the net number set to 1
Run Visualize Stream On
Port Number set to 6600

Fixture net set to "use default IP settings

I have a PC with the IP address set, and the subnet set to
With HogConnnect freshly installed as 3-8-0-1577

I can ping the console from command line from the PC.

But when LC loads, the hog visualizer window pops up and says:
Status: Unable to connect to wholehog
Info: could not find virtual DP DLL

I've done this plenty of times. It's always worked fine.
Obviously I'm missing something somewhere.

What am I missing here?

thank you!