Light Converse - Simple JANDS Hog 1000 difficultys

Hi, I recently got my hands on the hog 1000. As a school this is the best option we could go for. Me and two other lighting technicians have been stuck in a certain area of basic setup. We have successfully patched all of the channels we want to test out for the time being ( these are all simple cascade channels from 1-31). Despite this, we seem to be struggling when creating groups/ques and could do with some assistance. Are we right in saying that to create a que you should create your lighting state using the numeric keypad etc then click record and then click one of the choose buttons to assign it to a playback master. Should this create a que as this is exactly what we are doing. Despite this when we try to playback the que we don't get anything. The que we just 'programmed' isn't visible. It does show an addition to the que list when we do this and even shows the que playing but nothing is happening with the lights on stage . When we use a command such as '1 thru 5 @ full' the lights respond perfectly, it's just putting that into a cue list/ previewing what we have actually programmed into the que list

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Ashfield School Tech team