Light Converse - Connectivity

Hello: I am currently using my Hoglet with my Computer (PC). The PC is running Windows 10 and I have the latest HogonPC ( V 3.9) on it. So far so good. No issues at all. I been told I should without no problem also be able to run LIghtconverse (v 57) with a Design Dongle on it.

I have read the manual like 5 times, seen the tutorials and read around the forum but still no luck on my part.

I have now used quite some time, but it seem like something is missing and the more I read the more lost in space I get. It can not be that hard....

Is there anybody out there who could please guide me through this step by step ? I am no computer wizzard, so I need it plain and simple on what to do. I thank you.

Best regards