Light Converse - LC crashes on start

Hi All,
I'm new to both the Hog, and Light Converse. I just purchased a HedgeHog 4. When I try to start Light Converse with the key in a USB port, it throws up the splash screen with "License Online Verification" flashing. After about 3 or 4 seconds LC disappears. I assume it's crashed. If I start LC without the key dongle inserted it will start, but only in demo mode. I can post a screenshot if it would help, but there isn't much to see. Oh, and it does the same thing on both my i3 quad core 3.6 Ghz win7 X64
W/ 32 Gigs of RAM as well as my i7 quad core 4.3Ghz Win10 X64 W/ 64 Gigs of ram. Does the exact same thing with both the dongle in, and out.
Anyone care to help out a HOG/LC newb? I'm not new to lighting... Just to this console / visualizer combo. I'm stumped as I'm not sure how a "normal" start should look on this setup.