Capture - Hog Demo Pack for Capture at

In case you are looking for a way to learn/practice with Hog 4 and Capture, there is now a demo pack available at the Capture website. This includes presentation files for Mac and PC (which are free to use Capture viz files - no license required), a Capture file to play with in the Capture lighting design software itself, and a Hog 4 base file if you want to jump in. There is also a guide for connecting Hog 4 to Capture (nicked from the user manual). Happy Hogging!
  • Thanks for providing this.

    This doesn't however match up with the Hog4 "Hedgeucation / Learn Hog 4" training series from 2018.
    Is there a training series which goes with this visualizer? Or a visualizer for the "old" Hedgeucation series? The documentation for the latter always mentions a Lightconverse visualizer, however this seems to be unavailable.