Need to be able to make Direct effects for all types of fixtures by making the effect in a live situation and then save that effect to work on all fixtures that are not there that day and by making it a Direct Effect it will work on everything.

Taking one fixture only and using that to make a direct effect is not the way. I understand different fixtures might have different parameters making that cool effect I just made. I still should be able to make it a direct effect. I’ll adjust things on my own. 
need to be able to make more then two color effects.

I can make a blue, red effect. But I want to make a blue, red, orange, purple color effect. Why limit the syntax to two colors? 

Also need the Q list to stay where I’m on when views are switched during shows and I go back to the Qlist and it is not were it was even with follow q on. 

thank you and all I can think of now.