• Ti Encoder panel as a solo accessory/wing

    The Ti Encoder area of the console is great, far more intuitive than smaller consoles in the range, like the Gio or Ion because of the accompanying touch screen. I use an @5 as my primary and a nomad as my back up consoles, but to have an 'encoder wing...
    • Wed, Jun 10 2020 7:20 PM
  • Implementation of QR-Codes in aRFR/iRFR.

    i work in a theater with a lot of guest performances. I´m use my rfr app for focusing. I think to be quicker, it would be nice to scan the QR Code of a circuit (installad for the TPSR App) to select circuits to Highlight or ML-Control for the device...
    • Tue, Jan 28 2020 3:45 PM
  • "Movie Mode" lots of ideas.

    "Movie mode" this could be a toggle state in shell. The ability to load multiple cues from same list to multiple faders. Running out of subs... Cues can be saved as 101.25.1. Ep 101 scene 25 take 1. Blind is blind. Does not affect live. So I can...
    • Sun, Jan 24 2021 5:29 PM