Floppy drive replacement...?

So I have a couple of links for you.... I have been researching the idea of replacing the floppy drive in a Hog 2 with some sort of card reader, and I have come across these sites (one is linked from the other) - does anyone have any experience with this, or any comments....?



I can see where problems might arise if someone rented the board and only had their show on floppy, but they could (?) just copy the show to a thumb drive first.... Also, there are floppy/flash card reader combo drives available, but these all appear to require the equipment to ALREADY be able to use USB...... Dunno, thoughts?

  • Ok, I just figured out my answer... had to pull out my old XP laptop to make the software work and viola I was able to get the USB drive to mount and see the floppy disk volumes on the thumb drive
  • I Have Just Replaced My Floppy With A GOTEK SFR1M44-U100K USB Emulator.I Brought A Gotek SFR1M44-U100K Model As These Are Way Cheaper Than The Ipcas Model , So This Thread Is In Order Of Installation.
    1. Remove Back Of Hog Console.
    2. Remove Power & Ribbon Cable Of Floppy.
    3. Remove Floppy Drive.
    4. Install Emulator Into Hog Console.
    5. Plug Cables Back In Making Sure They Are The Right Way Around.
    6. Turn Desk Over ( Face Side Up )Leave Back Off Until Testing Emulator Is Done.
    7. Plug In Console Power & Before Powering Up , Insert USB Stick Into Emulator.
    8. Keep 2 Fingers Pressed On The 2 Buttons On The Gotek Emulator & Switch On Console Power Then Release Fingers From Emulator,This Should Be Starting To Count Up To 999 Which Takes About 2-3 Minutes , Then When Finished Counting 000 Should Be Displayed On Gotek.
    9. Try Saving A Show To The USB Stick & Turn Off Console.
    10. Plug USB Stick Into A Computor & Under My Computor It Should Say Library 1 & If You Open It You Should See Library Folder,Setup Folder & 8 .Dat Files.
    11. If So You Have Succeded, No Need To Format USB Or Use Any Software That Came With Gotek As It Self Formats USB When You First Power Up Console. GOOD LUCK. & Put The Back Cover Back On.