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I've come across a couple of small but upsetting bugs while using concert and I wonder if this is the correct place to report them? Please let me know if this is not the correct place in the forum and I'll move them over:

  • When a device is dragged from the Discovered Devices window to the World View (Workspace or Spreadsheet View), concert seems to try to add the device three times. After the device has moved into the World View, two advisory messages are displayed e.g.- "The device Net3 2-Port Gateway cannot be added to this View. It already exists in this view and cannot be added again." and then "The device cannot be added to this View. It already exists in this view and cannot be added again." Both have to be dismissed with the OK button. When dragging in a whole load of gateways it is very tedious to click OK so many times.
  • When devices are out of sync and 'Retrieved from Network', the save option is not present and asterix is not appended to name of show file in the Title Bar.
    • eg. A Sensor CEM3 Power Controller is in our default Concert Configuration file. An EOS console is used to re-configure a ThruPower module to be in dimmed mode. When concert is next opened, the Power Controller shows it is out of sync. It is selected and we click on 'Retrieve Device Configuration'. It is now not possible to Save (you can still Save As) and an asterix is not appended to the end of the file name in the Title Bar.
    • If we now select save as and save over the same file, when concert is closed and re-opened,  sometimes  an asterisk shows up at this point, asking if we want to save. 

I also apologize if these bugs have already been reported- I have not been keeping up with concert development. Please let me know where to look and I'll begin to keep my eye on that forum too.

Thank you!


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  • Hi Neville,

    Thanks for all this Information. Before we can look into this, could
    you give us some software version info?

    which Version of Concert are you using? Current is v2.0.2
    Which Version of Net3 Gateway Software are you using? Current v7.0.0.
    Which Version of CEM3 are you using? Current ist v1.6.1

  • In reply to corey:

    Hey Corey

    Of course - my bad for not including that initially. Sorry!

    Concert is version 2.0.2
    All Net3 DMX Gateways are running version 7.0.0
    All CEM3 Processors are running 1.5.1

    Thank you

  • In reply to Neville Billimoria:

    I can't seem to reproduce here. Can you mail me the concert config with a screenshot of the error and it posting 3x Versions for one Gateway? cc (at) etcconnect (d-o.t) com

  • In reply to Neville Billimoria:

    I should say that the first bug reported (dragging discovered devices into world view causes advisory messages) has been there since at least Concert v2.0 and applies to any discovered device, regardless of version or type.

    Thank you!

  • In reply to Neville Billimoria:

    Just seen your message. I'll send you something asap.


  • In reply to Neville Billimoria:

    Hi Corey

    Here are some links to videos showing the bug occurring: Drag Save

    I think the problem only occurs when the Discovered Devices pane is in Table view rather than Icon view.

    Thank you

  • In reply to Neville Billimoria:

    Hi Neville,
    The "already exists" bug was a tough one to track down because it only affected a very few people. The good news is we've finally found and believe we've sorted it. That fix is included in what we're currently testing for our next release.

  • In reply to Tracy.Fitch:

    Hey Tracy

    Fantastic! Thank you!

    Do let me know if you'd like us to test it on a machine we know has the issue.

    I hope the other 'Save Bug' made sense. Do let me know if you'd like me to clarify.

    Thank you
  • In reply to Neville Billimoria:

    Hello Neville,

    Thanks for the fantastic videos, they really do a great job illuminating what you're doing. To track down the second issue, would you be able to tell me the version# on the 2-port Gateway (v6.0.1 or v7.0.0, say?) as well as what you've changed between the Saved file you started with, and what the Gateway had sitting on it?

    I should say that I was not able to quickly reproduce this issue with a Gateway in v7.0.0 code.

    Another path to go down would be to have you try out some Beta Concert code. The next version of Concert is primarily for bug fixes, and it's possible that this issue got resolved under the hood without us noticing.

    If that's something you're interested in, would you please email me directly at mattp [at]
  • In reply to Neville Billimoria:

    Hello Neville,

    I wanted to let you know that we've released an update to Concert. v2.0.3 is available here:
    We weren't able to replicate your issue in-house, but there's a chance that the issue may have been resolved through other bug-fixes in this software.
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