Net3 4-Port Gateway "latency"-problem


We have a Net3 4-Port Gateway working for more then a year with a Gio. Just now I had a strange problem after five hours show without problem. Suddenly the lights took 15 seconds and more to execute commands and the gateway was shown offline in the ETC Gateway Configuration Editor. Restarting the gateway by pulling the power-supply made it work normally again. 

Is this a known problem? Should I contact the reseller?

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  • This is not a known issue.

    We can help troubleshoot. Please provide us with some Information:

    1.) How is the Net3 4Port Gateway connected to the Gio? 

    2.) Via a Switch? 

    3.) Is it unmanaged? 

    4.) What is the manufacturer's Name and model of the Switch?

    5.) What are the Network Details of the Gio and the Gateway?

       IP Address:

        Subnet Mask:


     6.) How many gateways are in the system? Did they have problems?

    7.) What is the software of the Gio? 

    8.) What is the software of the Net3 4Port Gateways?

    9.) Can save the logs and email to cc (a-t-) etcconnect (d-.o-t) com?

    Will help get this looked into.


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    Thank you. Sorry, I didn't had time answere earlier.

    1.) via one switch and ethernet-cable
    2.) yes
    3.) yes
    4.) Cisco SG 100D-08
    5.) Gio
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Net3 4-Port Gateway
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    6.) There are 4 gateways in the system since over a year and it is the first time one has a problem.
    7.) 2.6.0 (but I have updated to 2.6.1 today)
    8.) Application-Version ; (Hardware-Version 2.0/53)
    9.) I don't know how to get the logs from the gateway
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    Are you sure the subnet is It should be for the system you are describing. sACN is a multicast protocol, so the gateway should be able to receive the data from the network, but the last 255 might be the problem.
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    Sorry, you are right, sure it is
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    Sorry - I mean the logs of the Gio. Please send us them. There is Gateway Software v7 now. I don't think this is a known issue but it doesn't hurt to update them with UpdaterAtor v5.1.0 to Gateway v7.
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    I emailed you the logs and I updated all gateways today
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    Hi Muuleit - received logs - having them looked at - thanks.

    So the Gateways are all updated to v7?

    GCE Software will no longer correctly work with v7, so please use CONCERT Software v2.0.3 with all your Gateway configuration.
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    Yes, they are.

    Where can I download CONCERT Software v2.0.3?  

    The Webpage of Concert shows me no files

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    Hi - I am sorry - there is a problem with that page in the German Language. Could you change the language at the top of the page to ENGLISH, and then you will the Concert v2.0.3 Download. Thanks for letting us know - we will correct this.
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    Thank you. It worked
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