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Let's say I brought an M-Series Console from Martin into a theater fitted with Etc Net and Etc Net products. Would the M series console work over the network? Could I patch dimmers and then through Artnet or sACN out of the console the sensor dimming racks would work? Or do you have to use ETC Consoles (Ion, Gio, etc.). Would any console work over ETC Net? Grand MA, HOG, etc? Thanks!

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  • Depends on the venue. If the venue is Net3 based then you need a console that can output sACN. Any console that correctly outputs sACN can control lights/dimmers through a ETC Net3 system. I don't know if M-series does sACN. MA2 can do it. I think HOG can do it as well.
    If the venue is a NET2 system you need a console that can output Net2. MA2 can do it but I'm not sure what other consoles can.
  • The short answer is - it depends.
    If the Sensor dimmers respond to sACN and the console sends sACN, then yes. Sensor dimmers do not respond to ArtNet.
    Of course, you have to use appropriate networking settings (IP address, subnet mask, etc.) on the console so it can communicate with the dimmers.
    Things get a bit more complicated if there is more than one console on the network trying to control the same dimmers.
    If you provide more details on the networking setup and what generation of Sensor dimmers you have, we can give a more definite answer.

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  • ETCNet, ETCNet2, and ETCNet3 are all different.
    The M-Series (now from Elation) does support sACN. I don't know how well itplays with ETCNet3. GrandMA2's are a 900lbs gorilla when it comes to sACN. Understanding sACN priority and how ETC products deal with it is important. Do you have a networked Unison system as part of your lighting system? That will make a difference on how you want to deal with things.
    If you are just needing to get a DMX output from the M-Series to feed to your house dimmers, I would recommend using a Gateway with a port configured to be an Input to take the DMX out from the M-Series and feed it into your ETCNET2or3 system.
    Depending on what flavor of ETCNEt will determine what software that you will need to configure a Gateway to function as an input.
    I do a show regularly that has a single universe of DMX that controls the show's lighting rig, and they need to patch into 16 of my dimmers. I use a Net3 Gateway with a port as an input, (I use a 5pin XLR Male to Male turnaround to plug the cable from their system into my Gateway) I use the AIP, Advanced Input Patch, function in ETC's Concert software to patch only the 16 DMX channels that my system needs from them to the appropriate Universe and Output for the dimmers they are controlling.
    Hope that helps. If you don't feel comfortable doing all of these things, I recommend that you give ETC Tech Support a call. They are always there to help.
    Take care,
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