Net 3 Nodes Bad Port

Good morning all,


I have a net 3 port that has I'm guessing a bad opto isolator.  are these user serviceable?  I have a DMX light signal on the unit, but no output.  I've checked cables and swapped around to make sure it's not any other issue.


Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hi Tom,

    The DMX transceiver chip on the sleds is removable from a socket, and fairly easy to swap if you're OK working on electronics. Assuming this is a gateway with sleds, you can remove the screw, pull out the sled and you'll see a socketed chip on the board. If you have a known good one, you could pull it out from a "good" sled and put it into the "bad" sled, to prove that the chip is the problem. If it is, you can buy replacements from ETC or most electrical component suppliers (Digikey, Farnell, RS, and so on).

    If it's anything other than that chip, it's more difficult to fix as the rest of the components are surface mount, so maybe easiest to replace the entire sled.

    Hope that helps!

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