Ti - NIC Sharing?


I suspect the answer will be "no" or "continue using the switch", but I thought I'd ask:

Is it possible to share a network connection between the two ports on a Ti? We'd like to run a Designer (Client) Laptop out of Port 2 of our Programming (Client) Ti while at our production desk. There is an RPU (Master) and another Ti (Backup) in the system in our control room. We're currently using a switch to resolve this, but the RJ45 is getting trashed so we'd like to swap it out for Ethercon straight into the back of the Ti.

I know in Windows that you can 'Share Network Connection' between ports, so I'm wondering if this is something that could be done on the Programming Ti?



-- EDIT --

With our old Classic, we used to be able to share the connection between EOS and Client laptop (obviously because there was a switch in the EOS with one NIC).

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