I have very little knowledge of how DALI works.

We have a DALI system for 5ch or so of house lights and want to control that with DMX. I wonder how hard it is just to "hack in to" the system with a ETC DMX to Dali gateway, As I understand DALI is not that complicated and it seems to run on a LTP way of control.then a gateway maybe is easy to just parallel to the system that's there today? and then LTP is in charge of who control what?

Or is it impossible to say without more info on the system?


  • Hi Johannes,

    In extremely brief form, DALI is a digital lighting control protocol that runs over two wires. It is based on commands (set all levels to 50%, set ballast 1 to level 20%, etc). It is very slow compared to DMX, so isn't particularly good for running live fades.

    The one problem you might face is that DALI only supports one controller. So if you want to add a DMX-DALI gateway, you would need to remove whatever is controlling the system currently - it doesn't really support multiple controllers at the same time.

    Hope that helps.


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