How long does updating a Net3 Gateway take?

I'm currently updating our 2 port Net3 Gateway via UpdaterAtor on our Ion and it's been over an hour without getting past 15%. On top of that the status bar has crawled up to 15% then fell back down to 3%.

Am I just being an over protective parent and it's really fine but slow or should I worry? Is this the dumbest question on the forum?

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  • I have 4, 1-port gateways and they took hours to do the bootloader update over Net3. 2 of the Gateways have 6 ColorSource PARs attached and the other 2 have 8 PARs each attached. I don't know if it matters how many fixtures are attached to the gateways or not. Once the bootloader was updated, the fixture colorsource family update was way quicker (even as it updated each fixture attached to the gateway). 

    I did not connect directly to the gateway, I just ran it through the Net3 connector, which I assume then ran through the Paradigm controller and on to the gateways and fixtures. In UdaterAtor it does suggest connecting directly to the gateway to reduce the update time, if I remember correctly.

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