Net3 ACN Gateway Won't Connect to Eos Network

I'm having some trouble with a 4-port Net3 ACN Gateway. It's connected and powered directly from the back of an Eos Classic console. IP address of the gateway is set to, static. IP address on the console is, also static. Subnet on both is, and Default Gateway on both is Another gateway on our network is also directly connected to the Eos, with IP address (dynamic), same subnet and default gateway settings. This gateway works as expected. If I exit to the shell on the Eos, I can ping the gateway ending in 101, but not the one ending in 103. Gateway 103 does not appear in GCE or Concert

I have tried using GCE on my laptop (, static), and I can access it there. My laptop's IP settings are set to match the subnet mask and default gateway of the rest of the system, but is not connected to any other ETC devices.

Is there something else I'm missing here?

If there's any questions, I'm happy to answer them

Thanks in advance!

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