UpdaterAtor and versions

I can’t understand what’s wrong here: I start UA and see my nodes. they have same verson as in UA. I check for updatees and see I can download the highest number. do that and get that I have older on compiuter then in nodes. but I can’t find the latest agine to download. 

then I check my colorsource par. they say 1.5.1 on the device but in UA ithe highest say 1.1.0

Is ther any way outside of UA to see what firmware is the latest for my ETC gear?

UA version

  • So on the nodes, are you looking for Net2 nodes or Net3 gateways? The latest for those is 7.0.1, which should show up OK if you download latest:

    For the Colorsource fixtures, the trick is there are two lines, see below:

    The Colorsource Par was the older software, the colorsource family includes the rest of the family, and is the current maintained version : there are some special steps to go from the versions below 1.3.0, but doesn't sound like that would affect you if you're already at the latest.

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