What's the best option for distributing both DMX & Net3 to destinations?

I'm currently a little stuck regarding infrastructure upgrades and was hoping for some options. Most options out there involve dedicating to DMX Gateways or to Ethercon ports, not both.

What's the best option to get both DMX and Net3 to our hang positions?

My old plan was to run cat6 to our electrics and install a gateway at each location. But recently we've been hiring in a bunch of high-footprint fixtures with sACN control built in. So now I'm faced with a dilemma of installing gateways or RJ45 ports or finding a way to do both. I'm even contemplating dropping a bunch of 4-port hubs at each drop point.

It'd be great if the Net3 Gateways allowed for an RJ45 port "Thru-put", but that's for the Dev team. ;)  I'm going to need DMX, but instead of dedicated Gateways, run Ethercon ports to each electric and float Gateways to where ever needed?

What would you suggest?

  • Category cable is cheap, 1 or 6 takes the same the same labor. Run lots of ends out as needed, maybe put a gateway next to the switch so you can patch as desired. 

  • I would:

    Run Cat6 to the LXs and then a network switch that go to the Net3 gateway and the sACN fixtures.

    A problem with sACN fixtures is they all need a separate cable from the switch. But with DMX you can link thru the fixtures.

    I know that some have network thru but that is active ports that only transmit if the fixture is on. if you have a power failure on the first fixture, the rest looses signal to. but if you run DMX or each got there own sACN cable from a switch you can get around it.

    So you want the switch on the LX, with or without the DMX option.