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I work for a Public School system and we have two Sensor Dimmer racks that were installed in 2006. I am currently troubleshooting a problem where dimmer numbers and circuit numbers are not matching up. At our other high school that just had a new system lighting system installed (CEM3 and I love it!) dimmer match circuits and we love it. Here is what I know:

On Rack 1 in the CEM+ Configuration, all Dimmer Numbers match the Position numbers, as well as the DMX address information, however on each dimmer the dimmer's label does not match the number: I.e. the following is shown for Dimmer 1:

Dimmer No. = 1

Label = Dimmer 5

Pos = 1

DMX = 1 eDMX = 1

When we call Dimmer 1, from either the Dimmer Check in the CEM+ Online page, or on the Express Facepanel (with Emphasis) circuit 15 comes up. I know this means that circuit 15 terminates at position 1 in Rack 1. How do I edit the CEM+ configuration to match this? Ideally we want to be able to call Dimmer No 1 from either the dimmer rack, or the face-panel and have circuit 1 come up.

We have no problems with Rack 2 and the Dimmer Number matches the Label and DMX address info in the configuration, however, the position number do not match the dimmer numbers. I am assuming this is normal, and supposed to be that way. 

We are trying to correct the problem without having a technician come out. Also we are 2 weeks away from a musical.

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  • It sounds as though someone was twiddling with your system!

    For starters your best bet is to call tech support in the morning. They can walk you through some menus to verify what is and what should be. They also will likely have copies of the original drawings and configuration files, but no idea what might have changed in the last 10 years. If you can be their hands and eyes they can be a huge help.

    A few basics to help you sort things out and make sure we are communicating well. Most Sensor racks are installed as 'balanced' vs 'straight' numbered for electrical engineering reasons. A straight rack is numbered 1-96 top to bottom. A balanced one jumps around between 3 sections of dimmers 1&2 (modules are always together) then 7 & 8, 13 & 14. Dimmer 3 is 1/3rd the way down and 5 is 2/3rds the way down. In a few cases there is a reason to do something else entirely and it's fairly simple to number any way you want. But that's also why I can't tell you how to set up your system.

    You can check what dimmers are active with the little green LED on the right side of each module, labeled 'signal'. If you turn on just Console channel 1 does the top most light come on or one further down?

    Dimmer #1 being labeled #5 but DMX 1 is an odd situation. What's labeled as #1? Are house lights or work-lights blended into the same rack? These are likely the key questions.
  • In reply to RickR:

    As far as I can tell Dimmer 1 is the top dimmer. We have run dimmer checks from the Console, and the CEM+ unit and in Rack 1 the go sequentially down the rack (1,2,3,4...) in the other the jump around. We have been checking from the Green Signal light to see what dimmers are being activated. The console is in our control room at the back of the theater, and the dimmer racks are mounted in the catwalk which to an extent is making things difficult.

    I would not be surprised is someone has been playing in the last few years. Hopefully ETC Tech will be able to send me the original configuration.

    Since I now know what circuits are attached to what position, would it be possible to just copy all information from one position to another so that for instance, Dimmer # 1 set as position 16 which is powering circuit 1?
  • I believe your racks are setup to be "balanced" which means that the circuit order does not match the module order. This is done on purpose and I'm guessing your first rack has had it's CEM reset without the "balanced" mode turned on. It should be solvable with a call to etc tech service.
  • In reply to Druuka:

    As you have an Ethernet network, the Net3 Concert software can be used to (re)configure your racks.
    - And (more importantly!) store a copy of the configuration so you can put it back next time somebody changes things by accident.

    I would recommend downloading and installing Concert on a suitable PC, then giving ETC Tech Services a call.
    They can talk you through downloading the current configuration into Concert, making changes and uploading them back.

    As you've now got the list put together, it should be a simple (albeit tedious) case of copying it into the software.
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