Difference between unparking a relay on a console vs. turning the console off.

This is more of a settle a bet question.

What is the electronic and physical difference to a relay having its addresses unparked through the board vs. the relay turning off because it has lost contact to the console from it shutting down?

Does this make any difference to the fixtures on the other end of the relay?

Are either of these options different from flipping the physical switches at the sensor rack?

Thanks I'm advance for the help!

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  • Electrically, there is no difference - the circuit is interrupted and no electricity will flow when the relay opens (for either reason) or the circuit breaker is opened.

    The only thing that might be different has to do with the timing of when the relay opens. If you unpark the relay's address you control exactly when it opens, versus waiting for the rack to time out when it loses control signal.
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    Thanks for the quick response!

    I assumed stopped flow is stopped flow regardless of how it's done, I just wasn't sure as to whether there was a background process that was done by the racks when told to shut off as opposed to interrupted signal.
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    yes - DMX Hold -this setting could be in your Racks or in a DMX Gateway between them. It could be set to Hold Last Look forever (until DMX is present again) or for a set time of 3 minutes whereas it may fade out. Someone in the space should know these values so as to be able to troubleshoot problems in the system if they ever arise.
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