Replacing incandescent with LED Dimmable lamps.

We have a Sensor rack with 4 house light circuits controlled by D20 dimmer modules.

Control console is an  Element

1 of those circuits has 4 fixtures with 3 lamps in each fixture. We replaced the old incandescent lamps with FEIT Electric A19 9.5 watt lamps. 

This circuit now has no dimming. The lamps come on at full at 1%.

I removed the LED lamps from one fixture and put the 3 incandescent lamps back in. 

Now all the fixtures are dimming until they get to 13% and the LED's flicker. 

I built a custom dimmer curve to put the dimmer at 0 output at 14% and the flickering does not occur.

I then added 2 LED lamps back to the fixture with the incandescent's and dimming is still working acceptably.

So, to keep one incandescent lamp burning out causing a dimming issue, I pulled one LED lamp out of each fixture and put in an incandescent.

This is a workable solution for now, but I don't know who should be resolving this. ETC or the lamp manufacturer. There is obviously a impedance/load from the incandescent lamp that allows the dimmer to work properly.


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