Replacing incandescent with LED Dimmable lamps.

We have a Sensor rack with 4 house light circuits controlled by D20 dimmer modules.

Control console is an  Element

1 of those circuits has 4 fixtures with 3 lamps in each fixture. We replaced the old incandescent lamps with FEIT Electric A19 9.5 watt lamps. 

This circuit now has no dimming. The lamps come on at full at 1%.

I removed the LED lamps from one fixture and put the 3 incandescent lamps back in. 

Now all the fixtures are dimming until they get to 13% and the LED's flicker. 

I built a custom dimmer curve to put the dimmer at 0 output at 14% and the flickering does not occur.

I then added 2 LED lamps back to the fixture with the incandescent's and dimming is still working acceptably.

So, to keep one incandescent lamp burning out causing a dimming issue, I pulled one LED lamp out of each fixture and put in an incandescent.

This is a workable solution for now, but I don't know who should be resolving this. ETC or the lamp manufacturer. There is obviously a impedance/load from the incandescent lamp that allows the dimmer to work properly.


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  • You can send lamps to ETC and have them test them for the compatibility database. They generate a comprehensive report that will determine which products are best suited for these lamps, or if they're compatible at all.


  • You also are likely under the required amperage load for the D20 to perform well. Guessing, but since you have an element, you probably have Sensor CEM3 control modules in the racks (what color is the beacon light at the top of the rack?). If so, you can replace the D20s affected with ELV10 (Electronic Low Voltage - 10a) modules which probably will handle the extremely low wattage of the new lamps. As Jason says, there is a database available on the etcconnect website that gives info on tested lamps - in particular, which dimmer module and settings should be used.
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    Thank you for replying. This is a older sensor rack system with legacy CEM so the ELV10 is not an option. The next step in our LED conversion will be replacing 76 40 watt incandescent with tested green creative LED lamps. This should provide a high enough load to allow acceptable dimming.
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    Hopefully you are correct. There is an old module L10 that you might be able to find that might provide the low-wattage supply you need, but they may be hard to find as I don't think you can get them from the factory anymore. Also a little more challenging to change module types and parameters when you need an SLTA to get in.
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