Sensor 3 Relay Modules no power / signal



Some of the modules in one of our sensor 3 racks have no power or signal going to them, are there any common issues that might make this occur? We had a problem with the dimmer room being very overheated until recently, and it still is slightly, could this be the issue? There are quite a few modules like this, maybe about 6 or 7 in each rack



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  • Is the problem with the module or the circuit? If you (following appropriate arc-flash guidelines) swap known-working circuit/modules with ones that are having issues, where does the problem remain? Have these circuits ever worked? Power cubes certainly like to fry if things overheat, but I'd a) make sure your dimmer room has a better cooling solution first and b) confirm it's not a building wiring issue/rack problem before I purchased new power cubes and replaced them. It's ETC Part number Q141 (regular) Q142 (advanced features) if you end up needing power cubes, and this video will be helpful.

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