Cross patching sensor 3 dimmers

I'm working in a school with new sensor 3 racks, and so do not know much about them!

I am having some strange issues between my Ion and dimmer racks, in that when I patch some fixtures to universe 2, I'll get random generics coming on, even if they aren't on in Live.

Also, when I plug some fixtures in they are coming on as if the dimmer is set to always on, when it is in fact set to dimmable, both in the rack and on the desk. Why would this happen?


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  • It sounds like you might be patching moving lights into the same range as the dimmers.
    Some information on how the system is set up would help to troubleshoot: Is the ION connected via DMX cable or network to the dimmers?
    Do an address check: In Live, {Address}1[Full][Enter] and the [Next]/[Last] through the addresses. Are the matching dimmers coming on?
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