ColorSource Relays

Just looking to understand a bit better how these work.  I get that when the relay see's a DMX signal that the replay powers on.  Is that only when the console is on?  If the console is off can the relays still see a DMX from other sources.  We have a sensor rack with ETC nodes everywhere in our facility.  Just want to make sure it is not better to get a relay that is DMX addressable like this one:

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  • ColorSource relays have a DMX mode too.

    Relay activation can be triggered in one of three ways:

    Auto Mode - relay turns on when DMX/ RDM input is detected. Relay turns off five minutes after data is last detected. (Default Mode)

    DMX Mode - relay turns on when DMX address 512 is at or above 50% and turns off when below 50%. The relay can also be patched via RDM to an address between 1 and 511. Changing the address from 512 disables the turn on delay function of the relays.

    RDM Mode - relay turns on when it receives an RDM command to turn on. The relay remains on until it receives an RDM command to turn off, or until power is cycled to the unit.

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