Strange dimmer behavior

We have a SENSOR CEM Dimming Rack with the 48 modules (96 circuits). It must be about 15 years old by now.

Recently I noticed that whenever our ETC ENCORE2 Console was shut down, a lamp on circuit, #80 comes on (full). I can do a CEM Reset to turn it off or it  will go off by itself after about 20 minutes. One msg I saw said #80 "Not Set"!  I replaced the 79/80 dimmer pack to no effect so I'm convinced its a CEM control problem. I even erased all Backup looks just in case somehow something had been set. We actually don't use this function and the clear all did not stop #80 turning on when the DMX signal disappeared. I'm not really sure of what I should/could do next. Ideas most welcome. 

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  • Hi Robert,

    Some older consoles can send out DMX values during shutdown that can cause certain circuits to get stuck on at random values. Depending on your Data Loss Fade Time on your CEM is set to, these values should fade out naturally on their own after a certain amount of time. Turning the console back on should also cause these levels to go out, since the console would then be sending zero values to those addresses again. This issue potentially could also be caused by dirty or damaged DMX ports / cabling / infrastructure in your system, causing data to get garbled.

    Do you have a notification number from when you called in and spoke to Tech Services? I'd like to be able to take a look at the notes from the calls you've already made to see if I can make a more specific recommendation on what we can try next, since this issue is so intermittent.



    ETC Technical Services