Smartpack problem

I have 2 ETC Smatpacks configured to 12 1 K dimmers and hooked up to single phase. I had been having problems with 1 of the packs where the center group of dimmers 5-8 would flicker randomly and then shut down. When I look at the temp reading in the diagnostics it the middle temp reading is much higher than the other 2. I am now havint the same problem with the second pack. Any idea on what the problem could be?

  • I have seen this before and it usually is a simple fix.  Sounds like the dimmer modules are pulling away from the main board inside the dimmer pack.  If you are comfortable with opening up the cover on the racks, with the power turned off and disconnected, you will see 3 large heat sinks.  Gently press these down to fully seat the heat sinks to the main board.  Dimmers 5-8 are on the Middle Heat Sink.  If you are not comfortable doing this, then please contact your closest ETC Dealer and they can service this for you.

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