Smart link wall mount output voltage

Our church uses a Smartlink wall pack 12 channel dimmer currently to dim the house lights.  The current house lights are 250W halogen canister lights.  We have researching different options for house lights and have decided on a 10,800 lumen LED fixture with 64 diodes.  The new fixture requires a 0-10V dimming signal.   When I look at the specs for the Smartlink, it doesn't give the output signal voltage for dimming.   What is the control signal voltage output on the Smartlink???

  • That's not really an option with the equipment you currently have. The "output voltage" of the dimmers will 120v, and the control is digital. To convert from what you have you'll need a DMX-Analog 0-10 converter and a way to communicate with the converter. Do you currently use a console to control the houselights? Do you also have SmartLink stations (wall buttons)?  There are also potential problems with providing the new fixtures with power through the dimmers even if they are on at full. Some led fixtures dislike the way the power comes from a circuit that has dimming electronics in it. Need some more info to help more. 

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