Smart Bar Ghosting & not dimming

Hi there, 

We have a room on our campus with 6 Smart Bars with stage pin connectors. Each Smart Bar has 4 575w source four ellipsoidal's connected.

Recently, 1 Smart Bar has two fixtures that "ghost" on, or stay on with a very small percentage of power, no matter what fixture is plugged into it. Since this issue has come up, we also have 2 separate Smart Bars where one two of the fixtures dim perfectly normal, but the other 2 fixtures on the same bar will not dim. They will only turn on when the dimming reaches 100%.

We use two dmx systems for the room - a unison wall panel & ADJ myDMX 2.0. The problem occurs under use of both systems. I don't believe this is a DMX issue, but I'm not positive. I've also been told this room has been known for electrical problems, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a power phasing issue. Is there anything I can do on my end with the Smart Bars to continuing troubleshooting?

Thanks a lot!

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