Smartbar 2 is not seeing 6 dmx channels only 4

We have used this smartbar for almost 2 years with no problems at our church. One Sunday one light keep going on and off and them off permanently. Bulb was not burned out but replaced with new anyway. Then I notice that it is reading that there are 4 dmx channels instead of 6. Anyone know what happened and how to get the bar back to six channels. All resets did not work. Currently running 6 lights out of 4 channels.

  • Hello, We make a 4 and a 6 channel version of the smartbar, and the processor detects which type of bar it is in when it starts up by checking how many power devices it "sees" connected to it. My guess is that you have a bad connection inside the bar, so it thinks it is in a 4 channel when really it's a six. If you feel comfortable opening it up, you could disconnect power, then open the rear cover (undo the screws along the top and bottom of the bar), and check the 12 way connector that has wires running from the processor in the middle to the power cubes (black screw down blocks) that are spread along the bar. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, it would be best to contact your nearest ETC office or distributor to arrange for a repair.