Smartbar2 issue!!

So we have 2 (6 channel with stage pins) smartbar2's in our church. 

they were working awesome, no prob for 4 years. We just did a remodel and now one of them will not dim if there is anything else daisy chained out of it....

It dims fine if it is the last in the chain but not if its in the middle....

Any ideas?


  • Hi Brian,

    Does the smartbar show DMX as being present (green DMX light on the front lit solid) when it's in the "not dimming" state, or not? And do the devices on the chain past it work OK?

    It's a bit odd, I suspect something might be damaged in the connector board where the DMX connects. If you feel like repairing it yourself, you could swap over the DMX connector board from a good unit to prove that's the problem, and then replace the board. If you don't, any ETC authorized service center would be happy to help you out.


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