Change the output Voltage from 208 to 110 on Smartbar2



I am working in a theatre space that a number of Smartbar 2 units for dimming. One of them is immediately blowing the lamps on fixtures as soon as they are given an intensity. We tested the dimmer outlets on that Smartbar and found it was outputting 208v, while all of our lamps and equipment require 110v. How can I change the voltage output from this unit?


Thank you!

  • It sounds like you're either missing a neutral, or the neutral input wire is connected to another hot rather than neutral. What are you plugging the SmartBar into? If it's something like an L6-20 connector where you only have 2 hots and a ground, then the SmartBar will not operate correctly and may be damaged (as well as damaging whatever is connected to it).

    Whatever it is, you're definitely looking for a wiring issue rather than a change in settings: the SmartBar can't output higher voltage than it gets from the incoming power.
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