Source Four Angle Sans Barrel

On several occasions, I have found it useful to hang Source Fours with no barrels in them. At a glance, this appears to produce a circle of light roughly equivalent to that of a Source Four with a 36 barrel, only without the easy ability to shutter, gel, or focus the edge. I don't know exactly, but I'd like to. Are there any specs on the beam and/or field angle of a Source Four devoid of a barrel?

Thanks anyone who knows!

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  • I don't have an answer to your question. I can't find the mirror's focal length published anywhere.

    It should be pointed out that the manual says "Do not operate the fixtures without a lens installed". I suspect the UL rating is a fond memory if the bits from an exploding lamp aren't retained by the lens.

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    Good point. Maybe I'll fashion a diaper of mesh or R00 next time.

    I just run out of wide lenses and PARs awful fast, so if all I need is NC wash for house lights or lightning flashes, no barrel is better than a 10 or a 19.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Source4s with no barrels over a house full of patrons is very much against code. As well as the physical containment of the lamp, there might be a UV/IR filter on the lenses that you are losing.



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    I would suggest that the circle of light you're getting is just the cut-off from a combination of the gate or the end of the barrel. I also agree with the others that running the lamp without a lens is both a hazard from flying glass and UV radiation.

  • I contacted ETC on this one because I have the same issue. They said as long as nobody touches the lamp assembly then it should be fine. They did note that output will be reduced but also mentioned that there is no UV or IR output emitted by the lamp. Hope this helps.
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    just to make sure everybody speaks of the same thing: is the source4 in question a tungsten fixture? there are mods with daylight lamps or with a strobe adapter. ETC saying it's ok, there is no UV, is assuming it's a tungsten lamp.
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    With all respect to whichever of my valued coworkers you might spoke to: "Do not operate the fixtures without a lens installed". As noted above , this is a safety risk. (I'm also assuming a tungsten lamp BUT the safety warning is also included in the Source Four LED User Manuals)

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    I do speak of a standard Tungsten lamp you are correct.
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    The lamp is a standard Tungsten lamp. And you do mention it can be a saftey risk, what if I do as noted above and mesh the front of the fixture? The venue I'm working at doesn't have money to purchase two 36 degree lens tubes at the current time. We have to make do for this show.
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    I’m not the Feds, a UL inspector, or a local code enforcer. You can do anything you want too. But speaking as ETC, no. If a lamp were to ‘blow’ many of the fragments would be too small for any sort of mesh front end to catch. Using R00 would also be a problem as a ‘very’ hot piece of broken lamp will burn though pretty fast. Sorry I cannot give you the answer you want but as an employee of ETC, I gave you to best answer I could. Kind regards and best wishes for your show. (I’ll get out of this now and allow other users to give you their thoughts :-)
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    Thank you for your input to this discussion. What you say is true and the fixtures are only on for one or two scenes in the entire show. Hopefully nothing happens in those two scenes. As soon as the show is done I I'll put our 19's back on them. Once again, thank you for your input.
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