updating ColorSource software

I just want to confirm than when updating the software via the UpdaterAtor for ColourSource Spot units, I need an ETC 5000A1039 USB - RS485 Converter Assembly.


AND I need an adapter from RS485 to DMX (since my units are 5pin).


What's the difference between the RJ45 and RS485?




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  • Hi Andrew,

    while you can use the ETC 5000A1039 USB-RS485 to update CS Fixtures with the UpdaterAtor v5 Software,

    it is not necessary. You can also use a Net3 or Response DMX RDM Gateway, or ETC Gadget.

    If your fixtures are pre- v1.3.0 Version, you will Need to update the Firmware in Addition to the Software on each

    fixture. Please read about this in the Release Note for CS Fixture Software Update v1.5.1


    Good Luck!

  • In reply to corey:

    I have none of the above gear, so I need to purchase something.
    But to confirm, will the USB-RJ485 patch direct to a XLR equipped CS unit?
    or does the RJ485 come with a female end, allowing me to use the RJ45 (I think) to 5pin XLR cables that I do have.

    Thanks for the link.
  • In reply to Andrew Riter:

    The 5000A1039 has a USB connector on one side for the Laptop, and an XLR FEMALE 5pin on the other side to connect directly to the fixture. If you Need to buy something, I would still recommend buying the ETC Gadget instead of the 5000A1039 cable, because Gadget can also be used with ETCNomad Software as DMX Output which the 5000A1039 cannot be used for.

    Here is also a Support Article which better describes this update process:

    You can also use an ETC Eos or CObalt Family Console's Local DMX Outputs (when the Firmware is up to date) to also

    update your CS Fixtures.

  • In reply to corey:

    Thanks Corey. Very Helpful.

    the name of the USB - RJ485 confused me, since it didn't specify 5 pin on 1 end. I appreciate the hint for the gadget, but we're not using Nomad (and don't expect to). we have an RVI, and multiple dongles that were supplied years ago for designer laptops. And we're running Ions.

    All Good.


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